Dal Vada

Dal Vada

Dal Vada, a famous Gujarati fast food. Dal Vada is one of the fast foods that is eaten any time of the day. In India, our family use to get Dal Vada every weekend for evening snacks. Dal Vada is very filling and savory. I grew up eating Dal Vada and even til this day, My husband and I eat it at home at least twice a  month. I have not seen any restaurants sell Dal Vada in America, so I learned to make it at home.  Dal Vada incorporates the benefits of green gram lentil into a delectable crispy snack. Dal Vada is very rich and high in fiber. It is very good snack for evening. You can have your evening cup of tea with Dal Vada 🙂

Preparation Time : 20 mins

Cooking Time: 25 mins

Makes 4 servings


1 cup Moong Dal (Split green gram lentil)

1-2 Ginger pieces

5-6 Green chilies (as spicy as you want)

Oil for frying

Pinch of Baking powder (optional)

Salt as per taste

Chickpea/gram flour (if needed for binding)


Wash the split moong dal couples of times with water. Soat it for 5-6 hours in the water (If you want to have it for breakfast then soak it overnight).

Grind the moong dal coarsely in the grinder with minimum water. Do not make the moong dal into very smooth paste, the mixture should be coarse. Grind ginger and chili into fine paste and add it to the moong dal batter. Add salt as per taste. Add 1 Pinch baking powder (optional). If you add too much baking powder, the Dal Vada will be very oily.

Heat the oil in the pan for frying. When oil reaches medium temperature you are ready to fry the vada. First you want to test your batter before you start frying all together. Make medium size ball with the batter and add in oil to see if it binds properly. If the Vada falls apart in the oil/does not bind well, then your batter is too coarse. Do not worry, you can still make the perfect dal vada. All you have to do is add little chickpea flour to help with binding.

Try frying Dal Vada on medium flame, to get the crispy layer outside but soft inside.

Ready to serve with onions or fried green chilis.

dal vada


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