Summerflies Shawl


I moved to Kansas City in June 2011 after graduating with my BSN from Temple University in Philadelphia. Moving to a new city and finding a job being a new graduate took approximately 3 months. I had no friends or family in the city which made it very difficult for me to adjust to my new home. When I was nine years old and living in India, my grandmother taught me how to crochet and I have been crocheting ever since. I never know how to knit nor was I interested until my mom showed me her finished projects that she had made when she was young. I never knew my mom was so knowledgeable and crafty. I lived with my parents at home while I was in college and during the summer time my mom and I use to start new knitting projects together. My mom started teaching the basic knitting stitches and a few simle projects such as scarfs and hats. My mom never followed a pattern and she had her own ways of making clothes that fit perfectly. I never learned the expert skills from her but I know the basic knitting. I never had interest to go off on my own to learn how to read patters or knit anything exciting until I moved to Kansas City. Due to boredom, I started looking up crafty places to go kill time while searching for jobs. I stumbled upon the knitting studio and needlepoint store in plaza where they taught me how to read patterns. They also had knitting clubs on Tuesdays which I started attending. People were friendly and took their time to teach and answer everyone’s questions that came to the store looking for help. Tehy had a great variety of yarns that encouraged me to knit all sorts of things.

I also learned that there is knitting/crochet database online for knitter. Raverly, a community websites for knitters and crocheters, has countless wonderful features and ways to search among and to filter its pattern database. A member can look at patterns rated according to which is “most popular” or which has or is being used for the “most projects” among raverly members. Raverly seems to be determine a project’s “popularity” according to the total of how many projects, blog posts, forum posts, and comments it has. I would say the number of projects a pattern is used for is a better indicator of its real popularity than the amount of buzz there is about it. It is easy to admire a pattern, and to post or comment about it, but the real test of how much you love a pattern is whether you are willing to commit to the time and effort and cost of making it.

After joining knitting club and experimenting the new projects, I have expanded my knitting skills and nowI can make all sorts of things. So far I have made multiple sweaters, scarfs, hats, shawls, socks, bags, pillows, throws and baby clothes. I have learn to even create my own patterns using the basic knowledge of knitting.

This past summer I was at my mother’s house in Philadelphia for a week. I usually teach my mom new skills I have learned every time I visit her, and we usually knit something together. This visit i was not really feeling well and did not travel very much.  Quite randomly, I ran across Summerflies by Donna Griffin. Though I had been looking for a new project, this quite possibly was the closet to an impulse knit as you could get. I couldn’t get my needles to knit quickly enough, and almost instantly knew what yarn I wanted to use from my stash. I had one skein of Anzula Squishy yarn that I had brought while I was in philadelphia. I was so glad I had everything on hand at my mother’s place, because it was a fantastically fun knit. This shawl was a 10hour project and I loved it. As you can see below, the shawl is constructed with differing sections (see the little butterfly eyelets in the 2nd and 4rth sections?) and finished off with a lovely ruffle and picot bind off. Each section provided new interest, so it never got boring. I ended up gifting it to mom because the moment it was completed, my mom fell in love with it. I have made severeal of these since then and they are great last minute gifts. If you are a knitter, you must try knitting it.