Featherweight Cardigan


Few weeks ago, I met my knitting friends at studio. Everyone was talking about this cardigan called Featherweight by Hannah Fettig, found on Raverly. After looking at samples and reviews online, I fell in love!. Warning: I am about to a little bragging for a sentece or two. After looking at the cardigan, I decided to go home and look at my stash. I had two skeins of Anzula Cloud which was gifted to me from a friend. I took my knitting needles and casted on the same day. I was on a roll! I finished the sweater in one week while working full time job. I made the best decision using Anzula Cloud yarn for this cardigan.

Pattern: Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig
Yarn: Anzula Cloud (1.5-2 skeins)
Needle Size: 2 US
Size: Medium

It’s knitted from the top down on circular needles; I love these seamless projects. When you get to the armholes, the sleeve stitches are put on holders and the body is completed. This means you can choose the length of the body as you go. I knitted my sweater approximately 3-4 inches longer. Then you knit the sleeves on 4 DPNs or circular needles using magic loop method, and again you can choose how long you want the sleeves. I made my sleeves 3/4th. You have to make sure when you cast off the ribbing that you don’t make it too tight or it will look ugly when worn. I learned to cast off using a bigger size needle so you will never have to worry about being too tight. The collar is in stocking stitch on the pattern but it does suggest that ribbing or lace stitch will stop it rolling so I decided to use k2p2 rib and am glad I did.
I loved knitting with anzula cloud and the pattern is all stocking stitch. It was great mindless knitting TV project. I have not blocked it as I am not keen on doing that for complete garnments, but the stitches look more even after wash. Also, I love the way it feels to wear! I think I will make another one knitted with longer sleeves for winter :D.  I recommend this pattern if you are looking for easy mindless & seamless TV knitting project.