Gobi Paratha (Stuffed cauliflower flatbread)


Cauliflower/Gobi Paratha is a simple, healthy and easy to  make and a good option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I personally choose cauliflower flatbread over potato stuffed flatbread, because cauliflower is much healthier option. You don’t need any special side dish. As long as you have mango pickle or yogurt, you are all set to go!

I love making Gobi parathas ahead of time and packing them to work. Very filling and healthy option for lunch. Also if you have kids then its great way to include healthy vegetables in their diet. Here is the recipe.


2 cups of whole wheat flour


2 tsp of salt

2 cups of grated caulifower

2 finely chopped green chilies

chopped coriander leaves

2 tsp of whole coriander seeds (partially crushed and added to the cauliflower mixture)

salt as per taste

oil for roasting paratha


Knead the dough using whole what flour, salt and water. Cover it and keep it a side.

In a bowl mix grated cauliflower, finely chopped green chilies, partially crushed coriander seeds, salt, chopped coriander leaves. Set this stuffing aside to be added as filling when rolling the parathas.

This is the fun part 🙂 It’s time to stuff and roll out the dough. Before you start, heat you pan up and get your workspace ready. Choose a pan that heats quickly and evenly, has a non-stick surface, a wide & flat bottom and low sides. The traditional pan is called a tawa, but a crepe pan, cast -iron skillet works just as well. For your workspace, you will need a bowl full of flour, a flat surface to roll out the dough and a small rolling pin.

Divide the dough into medium sized balls (slightly smaller than the filling). Dip one of the dough balls in the flour to coat it. Flatten it out & Roll out the dough approx.  2-3 inch diameter circles. Place some cauliflower stuffing in the center. Wrap the cauliflower stuffing with the dough (gathering the edges together). Pinch the edges together to seal and cut out the extra dough from the top. Flip the other side and start with gently pressing it out into a disc.

Dip the disc in the flour again, coating all sides. Roll out the side evenly into a circle, roughly 6 inches in diameter. The dough should be thin enough so you can see the spices through it. Do not press too hard while rolling, otherwise filling will come out from the paratha. Place the paratha on your heated pan. You will see the dough begin to change color (it gets slightly yellow and puffy). If you see scattered brown dots, flip the paratha over. Oil the cooked side of the paratha lightly. Cook the other side until looks like the first and then oil it again. Your paratha should be finished cooking in 1-2 minutes, and should not look raw when its done.  Repeat the remaining dough and filling -rolling out parathas.

Now your Gobi Parathas are ready. Serve with Pickle, Plain yogurt, Sour cream, Raita or Chutney. I personally love Curd garlic chutney with my Parathas.


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