Gathiya is a popular Gujarati tea time snack. Gathiya is made of gram flour molded into strips and deep fried. Gathiya has puffy texture, light weighted and soft compared to Sev. It is also mild in taste and flavor which makes it quite addictive. Try this during holidays (Diwali) and wow your family & friends. You can adjust the amount of peppercorn quantity according to your taste.


3 cups gram flour

2 tbsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp soda bi carbonate

2 tbsp hot oil

2 tbsp crushed black pepper corn

1 tbsp ajwain/carom seeds

salt per taste

water as needed

oil for deep frying

Sev Machine with medium size hole disc


In a large bowl take gram flour, lemon juice, soda, salt, carom seeds, crushed black peppercorn, oil. Mix everything together. Add water in small quantity and knead soft and smooth dough. You want to keep mixing until the dough is smooth and color will be slightly lighter.

You will need to grease sev machine and use the disc with medium size holes.

Heat oil in a large pan, once the oil is hot you can test by dropping a pinch of dough in oil, if it comes up immediately it’s right temperature. If it does come up immediately turning dark brown then turn the heat down a little.

Holding the sev machine over the oil, press in circular motion to form circle in the pan. Try not to over lap because it will not cook properly. Fry until both sides are light brown and let the oil drain over tissue napkin. Repeat this for the rest of the dough. When it cools, you can break into small pieces and enjoy with your tea or hot coffee!

P.S. Try to test the machine prior holding it over a hot oil pan to prevent your self from getting burn. You can adjust the taste as per your needs.


One response to “Gathiya

  1. Now how about some jalebi too? 🙂 had this combination just yesterday fot Independence Day celebrations.

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