Achari paneer egg kati roll


Achari Paneer Kati rolls are just not any old wraps. This is a flavorsome, mouth-watering cottage cheese cubes wrapped in chapatti/ paratha. Kati rolls are simple, filling and perfect for lunch or dinner. Kati roll is a street food originating from Kolkata, India. Originally Kati means stick in bengali. Kebab are cooked on stick and then wrapped in chapati/paratha. Just like a sandwiches and wraps you will find all over the world, from gyros to banh mi, kati rolls are a street food favorites because they lend themselves to eating on the go!

For my version of kati roll, I used Achari Paneer dry with plain egg omelette topped with mint-coriander chutney and veggies. You can fill any type of filling and make kati rolls, I have also made vegetable egg kati rolls. Kati roll makes for a scrumptious, quick, filling and healthy meal.

There are six steps to make kati rolls: 

1. Prep stuffing veggies

2. mint-coriander chutney

3. Cottage cheese filling/ Achari Paneer filling

4. Make Chapati/parathas from scratch or use left over

5. Make plain egg omelette (optional if you want it in your kati rolls)

6. Assembling kati rolls


1. stuffing vegetable prep

– 1 cup shredded bell pepper

– 1 cup shredded cabbage

– 1 cup finely sliced onions

– 3 tbsp lemon juice

– Salt as needed

* Mix all the vegetables together. Drizzle lemon juice, sprinkle salt and mix well. Set aside to stuff later.

2. Mint-coriander chutney

– 1 cup fresh mint

– 1 cup fresh coriander

– 1 green chilli

– 2 tbsp lemon juice

– salt to taste

* In a blender grind all the above ingredients to a smooth paste using a little water. Adjust salt to taste. Set it aside.


3. Achari Paneer Filling

– 2 cups of cottage cheese cubes (paneer cubes)

– 1 cup of bell pepper, chopped

– 1 medium onion, chopped

– 1 large tomato, chopped

– 2 tbsp oil

– 2 tsp coriander- cumin powder

– 1 tsp red chili powder

– 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste

– 1 tsp mango pickle gravy

– 1 tsp cumin seeds

– Salt to taste

* Heat oil in a pan, add cumin seeds, onion and sauté for a minute. Add bell pepper and tomato and cook until slightly soft. Add all the seasonings and keep stirring while adding the cottage cheese cubes (paneer). Lastly, add the mango pickle gravy and simmer for another 3-4 minutes. Turn the heat off and let it cool to stuff later.

4. Making chapati/ tortilla from scratch 

– 1 cup of whole wheat flour

– 1 tsp oil

– 1 tsp salt

– hot water to knead the dough (add little at a time)

* Mix the oil and salt in the flour. Keep adding little hot water at a time to knead the dough. Keep kneading the dough until soft and not sticking to the fingers. Roll the tortillas at least 8 inches in diameter, and not too thin or too thick. Cook both sides and roast on high gas flame.

5. Making egg omelette 

– 2-3 eggs or egg whites

– 1 tsp oil

* Make plain egg omelete and set it aside to add to the roll later

6. Assembling kati roll

* Once all the prep is done, lay chapati/tortilla on a flat board and fill the center with egg omelette, achari paneer stuffing, mint-coriander chutney, chopped veggies. Roll it and roast both sides on a skillet using little butter. Cut into halves and serve hot! enjoy!

P.S. All the prep can be done ahead of time then it becomes very easy to make these mouth-watering rolls. If you have the stuffing and tortillas/chapati made ahead of time, it takes less than 15 minutes to get everything together into a on-the-go meal or perfect snack! You can add the veggies of your choice!


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