Dhyan is 1 month already!



When everyone tells you that time flies by when you have newborn, you never quite realize just how true that is until one day your are delivering your baby and the next day he is one month old. Seems like I blinked and a month went by. Dhyan has brought so much joy to our lives and he is just too cute! He is very easy going baby. He has few fussy days and times, but he is generally pretty easy going.




Here are some pictures from his  1 month photoshoot at home. Also we celebrated with a little cake!

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I thought i was multi-tasked a lot, but now i realize that it is not enough. I learned to do things and pick up things when my both hands are full. It becomes very hectic around here when you have to adjust to little one’s 2 hour on and off schedule. I never have done laundry as much as I do now and folding those tiny little clothes is very time consuming. I feel like it is never ending task!


Dhyan and his uncle (my brother)

Dhyan and his grandpa (my father)

During the holidays, all my family was visiting and got to see the baby. For me it was very nice rest time, while everyone helped out and took care of the baby throughout the day. Here are some holiday pictures with family!


My favorite time of the day is in the evenings when Kunal comes home from work and spends time with me and the baby. I look forward to our family time in the evening. My mom is here to help since I delivered so it has been very smooth and easy going. Having my mom has been a blessing, It is difficult in the beginning adjusting to baby’s schedule and NP school’s deadlines. Lots of little things I was afraid of doing, for example cutting his nails for the first time, giving him bath. Having mom around it was nice, I had some one to lean on to.

Here is a picture of my two cuties !


Now on to baby must haves!

  • Car seat/stroller system: We ended up going with britax b agile because it is much lighter than others out there and number one in safety!
  • Diapers and wipes, enough for at least couple of weeks. I used newborn size for 2 weeks and had to transition to size 1, depending on how big your baby ends up being. I would recommend getting smaller sizes in couple different brands to see which one fits your baby the best! So far I have tried Pamper’s Swaddlers, Huggies, Target’s Up and Up brand and Everydayhappy diapers. So far I have found Pampers’s Swaddlers are the best and Everdayhappy diapers are 2nd fav! Newborns can easily go through 6-8 diapers/day. When I buy wipes, I get the most natural ones I can find. So far I love Everydayhappy wipes and Pamper’s sensitive wipes.
  • Diaper bag: You need a good diaper bag that stuffs everything and easy to carry. I got mine at target! its called Skip Hop Duo 
  • Diaper pail: I only recommend diaper genie. It is the best and truly hides the odor compare to other ones.
  • Feeding supplies: I have attempted breast feeding but it was tough road for me due to some inverted nipple issue; hence baby still gets breastmilk but through bottle. I have kept some formula on hand for peace of mind but I never used it so far. I love Dr. Brown’s bottles. They are amazing! Also get Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer and sanitizer.
  • Milk storage supplies/breastpads: I personally liked both medela and lansinoh milk storage bags. I recommend lansinoh breastpads they are better compared to medelas.
  • Boppy: I have the boppy but tried my friends breast feeding pillow its called my brest friend and i liked it better. It is more stable and stays in place better than the boppy, but it is not as soft and cozy. My only issue with the boppy is I keep having to pull it back into my mid-section when i am nursing.
  • Binkies: You need atleast couple! Dhyan only likes tommee tippee pacifiers. Still he spits it out after 2 minutes. Dhyan hardly uses them but at times when he is fussy I give it to him and it calms him.
  • Burp Cloths: I love my muslin cloth Aden+Anais Burpy Bibs!
  • Blankets/Swaddling blankets: You need to swaddle! Swaddling is magical and babies love it! Get in habit of swaddling right from beginning because if you change it up your baby may not like it later. I love my muslin swaddling blankets (Swaddle designs) and halo sleepsack. You try both out and get the one you like! Swaddling is so soothing for babies and it really helps them to sleep better as they wont be jolting themselves awake.
  • Baby clothes: ONSIES!! You can never have enough onsies! Dont forget the mittens and socks! newborn hats and blanket!
  • Ergo baby: the best carrier so far! if you can get one, I only recommend this one!
  • Professional newborn photos: SPEND the money! they will be worth every penny! I don’t recommend mom365 in the hospital. Wait till you come home and contact life365. They are little pricey but you get what you pay for!
  • Pack and Play: I got the one with napper and changing station with it and little section that stores all the baby stuff. I have used it so far until we got the rock and play. He slept in the napper until now and he is too long for it. But it is nice to keep that right besides your bed so you don’t have to run around at night looking for things or to change the baby.
  • Fisher price rock and play automatic sleeper: is a must have! It is better than any bassinet and it is portable and light weight. I love it because it helps dhyan with his reflux because it has good incline. Babies love being rocked and they sleep longer in it! P.S. Avoid putting them in rocker 30 minutes after feeds.
  • Humidifier: We ended up going with the Vicks warm mist humidifier.
  • Gripewater: A must have to help with gas and colic!
  • Mylicon: helps with gas; it works wonders for Dhyan.

Tell me…what was ESSENTIAL when you had your baby that you couldn’t live without if you tried?!


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