Dhyan is 2 months old!




My little one is 2 months old! My love for this little soul is immeasurable! it  literally continues to grow everyday. These are memories I never want to forget: When I press my cheek to his and cuddle him close, when i am burping him and just smother his cheek in kisses because he smells so delicious, when his hands grab onto my hands, when he’s falling asleep next to me (this happens very rarely because he usually sleeps in his rocker/sleeper). When I am changing him and see his adorable little tummy, the softness and smell of him, his littler jerky movements since he is learning to control his arms and legs, his bobble head, his coos and laughs, how his eyes smile when his mouth smiles. How he sucks his tiny fists, how he attacks like a shark when he’s hungry or wants his pacifier. I am obsessed with this little boy of mine and he has the key to my heart (him and his daddy).

12733450_10153342819921643_5009716149107774800_nDhyan has so much personality already. He coo’s like crazy, especially in the morning when he wakes up and talks to his nana. He kicks his legs like crazy and moves his arms everywhere. He is so smiley and so much fun to hang out with. I haven’t met a person who isn’t completely smitten with him yet! We feel so blessed that this little angel is ours and couldn’t be more thankful each day we wake up to his sweet face and every night that we sing him a lullaby an kiss him good night! He falls a sleep quite early around 8 and wakes up every 3-4 hours to feed.


We are officially going to start working on getting baby to sleep in his nursery this week, which is bittersweet. I love having him sleep next to me in his rock/sleeper though I know we need to introduce him to his own space to gain some independence and to get his schedules even more on track.

Everyday is a new adventure with Dhyan and he never cease to amaze me with all he does. We love you to the moon and back, my darling sweet Dhyan. Thank you for 2 months of pure joy and happiness!


One response to “Dhyan is 2 months old!

  1. Srujan

    Little Dhyan looks adorable! Bless him! 🙂

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