Happy 5 months, Dhyan!

My happy, sweet, adorable, lovely, darling baby boy is 5 months old! Im going to freak out next month when he is halfway to being 1 year old! I am SO not ready for that. Dhyan is 18lbs 5oz and 27 inches tall. He still seems so tiny and like such a baby to me, Im going to have such a hard time one day when I realize how big he is gotten. For now Im in denial. I am enjoying my “infant” (supposedly they are “infants” until they are 6 months old) cuddling him closely, and soaking up all the love and attention he gives me. I know one day not too far away he will be crawling away and then running! 13238859_10153544912511643_7476781059332275110_n
I want to remember all of him, every inch of adorable baby fat, every deliciously chubby wrinkle on his legs, neck, and tummy, the way he smiles at me right after he eats, his soft silky hand brushing against my arm, the energetic happy kicks he does all day long, his squeals, squeaks, yelps, and giggles. The way he looks at me when faced with a big group of people, as though he wants me to rescue him and hold him close. The smell of his hair, his cheeks, and his breath. The softness of his tummy, his buns, and his feet.  The splashes he has started to make in the bath. The way he wraps his arms around me and holds me in his tiny hands. The sweet sounds he makes to let me know hes awake from his nap or from his long night of sleep. His eyebrows always have such a concerned look on them when hes curious, which is another thing i love.. he is so so observant and curious. He is calm in a crowd and crazy at home. He is so playful, so cuddly, so loving, so gentle, so excited, so so sweet and also lets you know exactly what he wants.  I want to remember all of it. I wish I could. I already have forgotten so much, I know its not possible to remember every single detail,.. but i want to so I will journal and remember as much as my mind will allow. 
He sleeps at night like a champ and wakes up twice to eat. Takes his regular naps every 2.5 hours and loves to eat avocados and bananas 🙂
My sweet baby boy, Happy 5 months… now lets freeze time and stay here for a longer moment. . . because im pretty sure this is my favorite stage. Although i’ve said that every month of your life. [hehe]
Here is a picture of my two cuties 😉

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