Happy 6 Months, Dhyan!

14241513_10153808531676643_5810266694035449468_o13392196_10153598383351643_640169507598915851_oDhyan is 6 months already! Where has the time gone? Between sleep deficient nights and busy summer days both time and energy to update you all on the cuteness that Baby Dhyan has eluded me.

Eating: Breastfeeding has been still going strong! I am happy to say that Dhyan is loving solid foods since we started last month. He is not really eating pieces of food yet. I am still giving him purees of fruits and veggies. He does love oatmeal-milk for breakfast and his khichdi with some ghee in it for lunch 😉 Also he loves drinking water of out his sippy cup 😉


Weight 19 lbs and 8 0z and Height 28.5 inches. Dhyan is growing well,  I cant believe it when I compare him now with his newborn picture 😉

Sleep: Oh sleep, sleep, how I long for you! Actually, knock on wood, things are starting to look up in the sleep department. We are swaddle free since Dhyan turned 5 months old, because he is not rolling over from his back to his belly, making swaddling little dangerous. Since we stopped, the nigh time and nap times were sheer torture for a week. Things have been settling down now, he has learned to self sooth and falls a sleep by him self in the bed. He is taking good 2 hours naps during the day and still wakes up twice to eat at night.


Development: The little guy is on the go! After learning how to roll over, he quickly figured out that he could roll to pretty much where ever he needed to go. Soon he was not only rolling, but also doing a little backward scoot on his belly and butt. I would put him down on the floor to play and leave the room for 30 seconds and return to find him at the opposite end of the play mat. Dhyan is still not quite sitting up on his own but he is attempting to crawl. He is pulling on everything in sight, chewing anything he has on his hands.

Personality: Dhyan is a busy body! He is interested in everything and everyone. He is very outgoing and loves outdoors. He loves it when strangers smile and coo at him. People often remark at what a happy, mellow baby he is. I thank haven for this! LoL! We will see what the future brings for his personality, but for now this mellow mama really appreciates having a fairly mellow baby. Dhyan laughs, squeals and giggles and babbles all the time.


Teething: Already has two teeth at 5 months and still working on the top ones.. Poor baby has pink rosey cheeks 😉 I make breastmilk icecream that he really loves and helps with his teething discomfort.


Dhyan loves the water! I try to take him to the pool twice a week, if I have time. He loves pool time and our morning/evening walks!Dhyan is such a sweet, lovable bay and he makes it easy or as easy as it can be as we navigate through teething, night wakings and all. That sweet smile though, makes the tired mornings so, so worth it.

This month was quite special because It was my husband’s first father’s day! Also, My inlaws are in the states, so it was even more special. There is Dhayn’s gift to his dad on fathers’ day.


Happy 6 months, Dhyan! We love you!



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