Happy 7 months, Dhyan!

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Wow, time sure does fly by with little ones! Or maybe they just make you realize how quickly the days pass because you don’t want them to change so its something we are more aware of. Who knows, but it is zipping by!  This little boy is not so little anymore 😦 He is hitting all these milestones and for a second I will be super proud of him and then I want to cry because he is becoming so independent. Seriously, slow down kid.

Weight: 21 lbs Height 30 inches.

Sleep:  Dhyan is taking good naps and sleeping long chunks at night. At times I have to rock him but most of the time he ends up falling in sleep in the bed if I am next to him. We read some books and then he knows its bed time! He sleeps around 8 pm and still manages to wake up 2 times a night to eat. My lil munchkin is an early riser, wakes up approx 6-630am and loves his morning walks where he ends up falling a sleep again ;). Maybe next month will work on sleep training a bit.

Eating: breastmilk and solids are still going well. Dhyan is still eating solids 3 times a day. breakfast-lunch-dinner ;). Each and everyday we are experimenting new foods! He did have an allergy test this month and we found out he is allergic to peanuts and sesame. 😦 no more peanut butter for mom :(. I am hoping and praying that he grows out of it because everything has peanuts in it these days!Once he has the top teeth, we will start introducing some pieces of foods, crackers, finger foods.

13723942_10153700038486643_1556326004596631771_o (1)

Personality: We are seeing more of his personality come out now that he is a bit older and able to be really interactive with us and others. He is saying MAMA, DADDY, NANA, DADA! He is continuously talking and blabbering.  He knows what he wants and he is strong willed and I love that about him. He is such a calm angel baby, so when he is upset or fussy I know somethings wrong (i.e. tired, hungry, teething.. its usually one of those).  He can play by himself and be perfectly content. He is the ultimate curious little person, observing anything and everything around him. He wants to move but thinks in order to move he should just roll..which isnt quite working for him. Lol.  He will figure it out eventually.  He sometimes will try to scoot forward using his legs but ends up rolling over again.

He loves to stand when someone is hold him up! He does not quite sit up on his own yet but we are almost there! He does sit up very well with some support and loves to ride around the house with the walker. He is walking everywhere in his walker.

I constantly get comments on how calm and mellow he is in public, he is so talkative and entertaining at home so he is a completely different baby when he is in his element. I think he just likes to take everything in when its a new environment. I love seeing life through this angels eyes.  He is so easy and makes being parents such a blessing. We adore him more than words could ever convey. Happy 7 months old my sweet baby boy!! These posts will go into his baby book, i am thankful i will have an entire online journal of our journey with our first!

Here is dhyan enjoying pooltime with his nana 😉

13767354_10153700040716643_4313994966656901472_o (1)


One response to “Happy 7 months, Dhyan!

  1. Lovely ! My youngest has just turned 7 months too!

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