Happy 8 months, Dhyan!


Its that time again! I cant believe that my baby is 8 months old. How is it even possible? Our baby boy is changing day by day and is growing up too fast.This month Dhyan got his first flu vaccine and thank god he is doing well.13908988_10153737468061643_1722859854770934020_o This month we traveled to philly on his birthday and celebrated there with his uncle (my brother) since his 21 birthday was this month.

13975381_10153752029356643_7918535640213237434_oAlso Rakhi was this month, and it my baby’s first rakshabandhan.


Dhyan also enjoyed his trip to Atlantic city, NJ and the beach. First experience on the beach with baby. It was short only one day but we really enjoyed it with the family.


Sleep: It has been another tough month for sleep. Sleep training still in progress. We are starting putting baby in the crib for naps and then hopefully will transition there for bed time. Baby does sleep well at night and only wakes up once. Dhyan loves his naps and takes good 2-3 naps during the day. Hoping that by next month Dhyan will be sleeping in his own room.

Feeding: Dhyan has been eating good consistent 3 meals a day. Still we are not quite there with pieces of foods, but he does very well with purees. Dhyan is still on breast milk during the day and currently we are trying to get rid of the night feedings. Dhyan is doing well and only takes a bottle early morning around 5am.

Size: Dhyan is 22 lbs and 29 inches tall. He is wearing 12 month clothing and size 4 diapers 😉


Milestones: Dhyan is sitting up very well and walking everywhere on his walker. Dhyan has 2 top teeth this month, making it total 5 ;). Dhyan loves talking all day he is constantly saying baba, dada, mama, nana. Dhyan loves going outside for long walks and to the park. Dhyan loves giving kisses and hugs 😉 I can tell the strangers anxiety is building up this month, he still goes to everyone but at times he tends to panic.


Each and everyday my little boy is doing something differently and I am so thankful to be home to watch all this and spend time with him. I cant believe how fast the time is flying and I know soon enough I will miss all this. We love our sweet baby boy. He is the most amazing thing that happend to us.

One of my biggest lessons of motherhood so far: I have realized that I really dont give a rats ass what some of the guilty-trippy baby experts tell me I “should” be doing (aside from actual evidence based medical recommendations, of course). I remember when Dhyan was a newborn, I would feel guilty after reading certain baby books, but as time goes on my husband and I have become more comfortable in our roles and realized that we are doing what’s right for our family and that’s what matters. Is the baby fed, safe, warm, loved, and happy? well keep on chugging along. No guilt required. 😉

Lastly, Here is my son in his own car 😉



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