Happy 11 Months, Dhyan!!


It’s breaking my heart to know my baby is already 11 months old!! Dont get me wrong, I love him and I love the little funny human being he’s becoming, but I can’t get my head around the fact that he will be a year old and become a toddler!! Where did the last 11 months go? It feels to much shorter! well I should stop feeling like that and just embrace it and enjoy every second with my amazing 11 month old baby!

Despite that, I think he’s at the best stage. I feel like he understands everything now and starts to show so much more of his personality. He is my baby so of course I love every single bit of him!!


Development: Dhyan is crawling all over the house and running around using his walker. Dhyan is very fast climbing the stairs. Dhyan loves his nursery rhymes and starts waving his arms and shakes it up and down. Dhyan is quite independent and wants to do everything himself. Although he is getting into the point where he wants a play buddy and play dates really help! Dhyan is pulling onto things and standing up, and takes a few steps with assistance.

Height: 31.5 inches

Weight: 24.15 lbs

Clothes: Dhyan is wearing 12-18 month clothes.

15016445_10153976887076643_662382471232373788_oSleep: Dhyan finally learned how to fall a sleep own his own in the pack and play or crib. At times in the middle of the night, he wakes him self up and fusses and ends up in my bed if he doesnt fall back a sleep. Dhyan is early rises and wakes up at 630am everyday.

Eating: My boy loves to eat food! He has been eating 3 meals per day but now we are incorporating more indian foods. He loves eating his cereal in the morning. Dhyan usually gets his veggie khichdi/yogurt in the afternoon. Daal/rice or vegetables/curd rice in the evening. We try to rotate things to keep it interesting for him. Dhyan loves yogurt.. esp. home made yogurt.

Personality/mood: Dhyan is definitely a people person these days. He will just crawl off and go to strangers and make friends. He smiles at everyone he sees and has little bit of temper if he doesnt get what he wants. Dhyan does not like when u do things for him, he wants to be out and about, wants to do things by him self. Dhyan loves play dates and trying to teach him to share everything.


Loves: Dhyan loves going outside to the park. He loves looking at the dogs and cats, and wants to bring them home. He loves his Hershey kiss soft toy. Dhyan loves reading books and started chewing those too this month. Dhyan loves swimming and bath time. Dhyan loves messing things in the house, getting into kitchen cabinets to pull things out. Dhyan has not been afraid of anything yet !!

Doesnt love: Dhyan doesnt like trying sweet things and drinking milk. Dhyan hates when you take his favorite toy away or books away to feed him or for nap time. Dhyan is getting little fussy with diaper changes and getting out of bath/pool.



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