Dragonfruit beets chia smoothie/pudding

50022194_10155903173726643_3332613301338112000_nEveryday my goal to self is to attend bootcamp, either its 530am or anytime of the day. After working out for an hour, I am exhausted and hungry. I don’t like drinking protein shakes everyday, hence I tend to experiment with different low carb recipes. Last week I was in grocery store and they were organizing dragon fruits. The bright purple color caught my eye. I have had dragon fruit drinks outside but never had experimented anything at home. I originally brought it for pancakes but ended up making smoothie/pudding today.

This smoothie is perfect post workout and as a snack when you’re feeling drenched from the day and its not even bedtime yet. But you know the hard part of the day (especially if you have kids) ain’t over yet. This is when you reach for that pick-me-up snack. I want you to add one more healthy, easy and filling snack to that line-up: chia pudding/smoothie! Most of the time I make my chia pudding with only 3 ingredients: chia seeds, yogurt or milk and a sweetener of choice. When it settles in the fridge, it has a pudding texture, amazing flavor and lends itself to endless topping possibilities. It’s a snack will leave you feeling satisfied, satiated and so energized for your day!

Today I wanted to incorporate dragon fruit in my smoothie/pudding. I realized that dragon fruit is very bland, hence it would take up any flavors that you would add to your smoothie/pudding. I got this amazing organic beet powder from Costco, which I have been adding daily to my protein shakes, so I thought let me experiment today 😉


1/2 dragon fruit

1/2 cup coconut milk

2 tbsp chia seeds

2 tbsp honey

2 scoops of windmill vitamin organic beets powder

1/2 tsp of cocoa powder (garnishing)

Ice cubs


Smoothie: Add all the ingredients in blender and blend until its uniform. You can add the ice first or later, your preference. Serve it cold.

Pudding: Add dragon fruit, coconut milk, honey, beets powder in blender and blend until its uniform. Take it out in a mason jar or any container. Add chia seeds and ice cubes. Close the jar or container and mix until all the chia seeds are incorporated into the milk. If you have to close the jar and shake it well. You have to make sure there aren’t any clumps. Drizzle cocoa powder on top. Place it overnight or for 2-3 hours for the chia seeds to absorb all the milk and become pudding consistency. 50788738_10155903173701643_604612751100215296_n


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