Happy 10 months, Dhyan!

14712547_10153909748636643_5308256716157238105_oOur baby boy is 10 months old! double digits!! goodness thats hard to say.. it is so bittersweet watching him grow. Every stage has become my new favorite. 10 months old has been so much fun, he is a little giggle box, he grabs my face and opens his mouth to give me kisses, he stands holding on with one hand. He is still crawling to places while exploring and venturing out, mama is his favorite and he is still dealing with some separation anxiety where he only wants me, he loves his daddy and is constantly looking at the door when mentioned his name and waiting for his dad to get home from work so he can play with him. His personality is developing in leaps and bounds and due to all the new skills he is mastering which allow him to engage and interact more than ever, we have so much fun together. He is such a happy little chappy, constantly smiling and laughing, and I adore spending time with him.


It is during this past month that Dhyan seems to have suddenly morphed into a little boy. It is as though he went to sleep one evening and overnight transformed from a baby to a toddler. I look at him now, with his dark brown hair, light brown eyes and pouty lips. He suddenly looks so much older and although it’s bittersweet that his baby days are behind us, I love witnessing the person he is becoming.


Height/Weight/Teeth/Clothing size: Plodding along nicely on the 80th percentile, Dhyan weighs 23 lbs and 11 oz at 10 months. We suspected he had a growth spurt as he looked bigger and had been sleeping more, and it was confirmed when we measured him, he has grown with in a month and he is now shot up to  3o inches… 92 percentile for height. Wears 12-18 month clothes and has 8 teeth already and 2 more coming.. one of them is possibly a molar..


My little munchkin loves reading books. Hand Hand Finger Thumb is his favorite.. He wouldnt mind if you keep reading that book to him all day.. Lol

Health: Dhyan finally had his first cold. I like to think he managed so long without one due to being breastfeeding, but maybe we just got lucky. He coped with it very well and remained surprisingly chipper considering he had a constant nasal drainage and cough.


Here is my son doing yoga.. He does it every morning.. practically two to three times a day ;).. Esp when he sees me doing yoga poses LOL

Sleeping: Dhyan is now sleeping through the night and is still going the half night in crib and other half with me which ends up early morning. Sometimes he wakes during the night and fusses a little bit but now that he is in a routine he will put himself back to sleep after playing by him self for bitter bit. I still love cuddling with him and its the best way for both of us to wake up each other in the morning.


Dhyan visited marry-maid farms with the family in Lansdale, Pennsylvania 🙂

Eating: Dhyan is still on baby led weaning and its working great for us. Dhyan is trying slowly to eat pieces of food and takes his own time while eating it. His independence is coming through. These days he wants to eat anything he sees his mom eating LOL. On my birthday he ended up eating pizza with me and some days bread slices with some butter. He loves eating crackers and oatmeal puffs for snacks. We found these yogurt snack for babies at aldi and he loves those. Dhyan usually eats cereal with breastmilk in the morning and for lunch i make indian vegetable khichdi,which is (rice/lentils/lots of different veggies – carrots/peas/spinach/etc) and in evening we have been trying different types of food every evening. Some days fruits/veggies and some days he eats lentils or tortillas and some days he ends up eating cereal at night also. Dhyan does well with sippy cup; very independent. Dhyan loves icecream- which i make at home for him. Dhyan loves bread, cheese, crackers for snack.


Meera and Dhyan 🙂 His playdate in Lansdale, PA


Manav and Dhyan 🙂 His playdate in Lansdale, PA

My lil munchkin had two playdates with mommys friends’ kids!


Dhyan still loves going to the park.. ❤


  • Dhyan is constantly talking all the time.. mama.. dada.. nana.. tata.. papa.. daddi..
  • Dhyan can point and bang toys together with both hands
  • Dhyan has 8 teeth and 2 more coming right now.. possibly a molar is coming up.
  • Dhyan is crawling and runs around in his walker and he does stand up holding onto pieces of furniture/people. This can be dangerous so I have to keep an eye on him all the time.
  • Dhyan loves being near other kids and taking long walks on stroller. This month he doesnt even mind the long car rides.. We traveled almost 8 hours in the car and only had to stop 2 times to change his diaper. My baby hardly fussed or cried in the car. He just kept playing by him self and talking gibberish.


Celebrated Dhyan’s 10 month!

Dhyan also experienced his first Navaratri at his nana nanis home in Lansdale, PA.


Dhyan really enjoyed visiting his nana and mama and talked whole way through the 8 hour drive. My lil munchkin’s personality is glowing through.. Hoping what next month brings.. This is the best month so far.. Love you Dhyan.



Happy 9 months, Dhyan!

14435421_10153851795931643_3806584973617329360_o14352537_10153830751371643_4669460496351226317_o14362526_10153830751446643_6409769305074421434_oDhyan is nine months old! One of the first thoughts I had as we approached nine months with our baby boy is that Dhyan has now been out in the world for as long as he was in my belly. It’s a crazy thought and while I felt like everything changed so much from week to week during pregnancy, it seems like every single day with Dhyan brings about something new.

Seeing the world through Dhyan’s eyes is such a joy. He laughs when I put on my sunglasses or hide behind a door/wall. He giggles when I pretend to eat his fingers and toes. He kicks and squeals and smiles his biggest smile of the day when Kunal arrives home from work. He starts talking gibberish and asks him to pick him up and take him to the park in our backyard.

14362469_10153817748096643_5730940542419544290_oWhile Dhyan has always been a curious and observant baby, he is not becoming a rather inpatient, too! He doesnt like to be in one place for too long these days which means we are all over the place every day. He walks all over the house in his walker. The toys we have in our house buy us 40 minutes or so of playtime until Dhyan starts to get a little fussy and needs something new. That’s when play dates, walks outside, park/swing time are key. Dhyan thrives on stimulation outside of our house and seems to do best when we are out and about and he has new things to look at, touch and taste. Everything goes in his mouth these days! Dhyan does pretty well with solo play but seems to be entering a phase where he really wants a playmate… and if you start to walk away in the middle of playtime, he will let you know that is unacceptable. Playtime is becoming more and more hands on and interactive.

14425405_10153834585256643_1004384548492443067_oSize: Dhyan is 23 lbs and 29.5 inches tall. He is wearing 12 month clothing and size 4 diapers 😉

Sleeping: Oh sleep, you are a beast. We made such a wonderful sleep progress with Dhyan this month. He is sleeping much longer and hardly wakes up at night to feed. Every morning around 4-5 he wakes up to feed and goes back to sleep. He goes to bed in his crib but ends up in the bed with me in middle of the night when he starts tossing and turning. He seems to sleep better with me in bed and doesnt wake up! lol! I am going to really start soon sleep training, I know I have been talking about it over months!!!! This is my primary goal this upcoming month before he is 10 months old! fo real this time!!!

Dhyan still takes good long naps twice a day. I eventually would like to move to one nap a day but we are still way far from that..one thing at a time! lol.


Food: Solids have been very challenging. We are doing a mix of purees and baby lead weaning. Dhyan doesnt seem super interested in trying pieces of food yet. he does like potato chips and crackers for now.  He does well on cereal and purees. He has food 3-4 times a day and breast milk on top. Dhyan is already pro using sippy cup so we are thinking to stop the bottles this upcoming month.

Teeth: Dhyan has 7 teeth. 3 on top and 4 on bottom 🙂 Seems like two more on top will be coming out any day now.. I can see it but it hasnt cut through yet.14379858_10153819732231643_1831852107984568473_o

On the move: Dhyan is on the move, he is almost starting to crawl, could be anyday now! and walks all over the house with his walker. WE ALL GET TIRED RUNNING AFTER HIM !!! He loves to play hide and seek.. He is stilling well independently and loves talking….


  • Making weird noises with his mouth
  • Kicking his legs
  • Bath time
  • Gymboree classes
  • Park time
  • Music
  • Outside
  • Swimming with grandma
  • Rolling all over the place
  • Walking in his walker


  • Getting dressed
  • Having his mouth/nose wiped
  • When mom tries to see his teeth
  • When he is playing with a toy and someone tries to take it away
  • When someone turns off his nursery rhymes
  • Being in one place for too long
  • Going home from the park14424934_10153841919056643_4601356187941595847_o

Happy 8 months, Dhyan!


Its that time again! I cant believe that my baby is 8 months old. How is it even possible? Our baby boy is changing day by day and is growing up too fast.This month Dhyan got his first flu vaccine and thank god he is doing well.13908988_10153737468061643_1722859854770934020_o This month we traveled to philly on his birthday and celebrated there with his uncle (my brother) since his 21 birthday was this month.

13975381_10153752029356643_7918535640213237434_oAlso Rakhi was this month, and it my baby’s first rakshabandhan.


Dhyan also enjoyed his trip to Atlantic city, NJ and the beach. First experience on the beach with baby. It was short only one day but we really enjoyed it with the family.


Sleep: It has been another tough month for sleep. Sleep training still in progress. We are starting putting baby in the crib for naps and then hopefully will transition there for bed time. Baby does sleep well at night and only wakes up once. Dhyan loves his naps and takes good 2-3 naps during the day. Hoping that by next month Dhyan will be sleeping in his own room.

Feeding: Dhyan has been eating good consistent 3 meals a day. Still we are not quite there with pieces of foods, but he does very well with purees. Dhyan is still on breast milk during the day and currently we are trying to get rid of the night feedings. Dhyan is doing well and only takes a bottle early morning around 5am.

Size: Dhyan is 22 lbs and 29 inches tall. He is wearing 12 month clothing and size 4 diapers 😉


Milestones: Dhyan is sitting up very well and walking everywhere on his walker. Dhyan has 2 top teeth this month, making it total 5 ;). Dhyan loves talking all day he is constantly saying baba, dada, mama, nana. Dhyan loves going outside for long walks and to the park. Dhyan loves giving kisses and hugs 😉 I can tell the strangers anxiety is building up this month, he still goes to everyone but at times he tends to panic.


Each and everyday my little boy is doing something differently and I am so thankful to be home to watch all this and spend time with him. I cant believe how fast the time is flying and I know soon enough I will miss all this. We love our sweet baby boy. He is the most amazing thing that happend to us.

One of my biggest lessons of motherhood so far: I have realized that I really dont give a rats ass what some of the guilty-trippy baby experts tell me I “should” be doing (aside from actual evidence based medical recommendations, of course). I remember when Dhyan was a newborn, I would feel guilty after reading certain baby books, but as time goes on my husband and I have become more comfortable in our roles and realized that we are doing what’s right for our family and that’s what matters. Is the baby fed, safe, warm, loved, and happy? well keep on chugging along. No guilt required. 😉

Lastly, Here is my son in his own car 😉


Dhyan is 4 months old!



Dhyan turned 4 months yesterday! I am still having an Awww moment every time I realize the special bond I have with him. We are the luckiest people in the world to have him in our lives. He is now 16 lbs and 26 inches tall 🙂 my little man is growing so fast and I cant catch a breath!! I wish I can pause this time 🙂 Here are some of the pictures from his 4 month celebration!


As any proud mama out there, I want to memorize every moment with him. So here is a list of his favorite activities at this age:

Playing: He likes most of his soft toys and all the rubbery ones that can fit into his mouth. Everything goes into his mouth, form a simple napkin to a chewing toy. He sometimes gets nervous when he can’t put toys in his mouth. He is very much into making funny faces and babbling back to us. He laughs and smiles every time I sing or talk to him and that just makes me fall even more in love with him. He loves to face time with family in india and especially with his nana every morning and evening.

Cuddling: He loves to cuddle and I am so happy because he makes this sweet little noise whenever I cover him in kisses, which happens all day and during the night when he is awake.

Sitting: He loves to sit up either between pillows or in our arms. He has a favorite position in his dad’s arms, that he is very fond of, especially in the evenings. It’s like he is sitting in an armchair, he looks so comfy and happy while seeing everything in the house. He dosent quite like sitting up by himself alone on the couch with support of a pillow. He always likes his mama or dad or nani on his side. Bumbo seat is on order for him to practice sitting alone :).

Sleeping: We have kinda a schedule and set timings for nap and sleep routine. Dhyan wakes up every day at 7am and goes to bed everyday between 730-8 pm. He wakes me up several times a night, either because his pacifier is not in his mouth, either because he is hungry. I still feed him couple times a night. I usually dream feed him so I dont have to wake him up. By now I am used to being up sometimes every two hours and I really dont mind it. I know he will sleep well eventually and I try to focus on the fact that he needs me now and I love being there for him. This week he has been sleeping little longer and waking up every 4 hours. During the day, he naps about every 1.5-2 hours for about 50-70 minutes depending on a day. Oh and Dhyan hates TUMMY-TIME!. He is happy for couple of minutes and then gets really cranky and frustrated.

Eating: He is very much aware of the bottle and what it is for. Every time we feed him we show it to him and he just opens his mouth with expectation. Dhyan is starting to hold his milk bottle better and has little control of it. I find it very cute how his little hands and fingers hold this big milk bottle.


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